OCPP 1.6J - Unauthorized connection attempt

I’m developing a Central System communicating with chargers using OCPP 1.6J protocol. It communicates fine with Wallbox charger now and I wanted to append support for Teltonika charger. However test charger switched itself to “Unauthorized connection attempt” state what is unexpected.

Technical info:
Product code: EVC1200P4011
Network connection type: Wifi
Hardware revision: 000

Test scenario:

  1. Setup charger CONNECTIVITY following https://wiki.teltonika-energy.com/images/7/73/TeltoCharge_QUG_V2.4.pdf document.
  2. The OCPP URL: ws://some_lan_ip:8080/ocpp16/
  3. Charge point identity: CMD02
  4. wait for charger connection to Central System

Central System log (all messages):
Incomming REQ [CMD02]: [2,“1”,“BootNotification”,{“chargePointModel”:“TeltoCharge_EVC1200P”,“chargePointVendor”:“Teltonika Energy”,“chargePointSerialNumber”:“masked-away”,“firmwareVersion”:“v1.10.7”}]
Outgoing RES [CMD02]: [3,“1”,{“status”:“Accepted”,“currentTime”:“2023-10-26T18:51:20.2505262+00:00”,“interval”:30}]
Outgoing REQ [CMD02]: [2,“031487b1190c48d39220213f740b3f83”,“GetConfiguration”,{“key”:[“NumberOfConnectors”]}]
Incomming RES [CMD02]: [3,“031487b1190c48d39220213f740b3f83”,{“configurationKey”:[{“key”:“NumberOfConnectors”,“readonly”:true,“value”:“1”}]}]
Incomming REQ [CMD02]: [2,“2”,“StatusNotification”,{“connectorId”:1,“errorCode”:“NoError”,“status”:“Available”,“timestamp”:“2023-10-26T18:51:20Z”}]
Outgoing RES [CMD02]: [3,“2”,{}]
Incomming REQ [CMD02]: [2,“3”,“StatusNotification”,{“connectorId”:1,“errorCode”:“OtherError”,“status”:“Available”,“info”:“Unauthorized connection attempt”,“timestamp”:“2023-10-26T18:51:21Z”}]
Outgoing RES [CMD02]: [3,“3”,{}]

I tried to identify the issue cause and the solution (mainly following the OCPP 1.6 JSON guide - Wiki document) but with no luck.

Can you tell me what’s wrong and how to solve it?

Thanks for reply.

However the issue isn’t about charging/transactions. Please look at the last two incomming messages. Both are of StatusNotification type and there’s no transaction start attempt in between. Actually, how could one be in time - the time difference of the status messages is one second only. And I really didn’t try to start a transaction.


Please check OCPP 1.6 Errata

Thats normall behavior, without nothing heads-up or alert message.

Standard allows us to send errors/warnings with StatusNotification.req, but does not specify how it is supposed to be done. Our implementation is to send errors/warnings after BootNotification, TriggerMessage>StatusNotification, and after entering Faulted state.

So you mean the charger stated that all is fine (at 2023-10-26T18:51:20Z) and during next second happend something causing “Unauthorized connection attempt”? What activity could be the reason?

I’m not complaining the charger sent the error message. I’m just looking for the root cause - to eventually omit some bad communication with the charger in the future.