Network jamming

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We are receiving extreme falsing signals on network jamming in aread with poor signal strength, any suggestions?


What’s causing this jamming? Is it affecting the wireless 2.4GHz, 5GHz, or mobile bands?

In any case, you can attempt to use different bands that are less affected for each wireless communication method. Please note that our router, like most routers, doesn’t have any anti-jamming capabilities.

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Hi, this is not a router, it is the teltonika tracking units, I am assuming when the unit loses signal, it sends through the event.


Sorry, for the confussion. My other colleagues Form Teltonika Telematics will be able to help on this topic.

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Hi @LindaM

Can you provide the following details.

  1. Device.
  2. Firmware.
  3. Screenshot of how you configure the device.

As per the screenshot the Time Until Jamming Event Detection is created to avoid False positive event.

If you experience false positive event you can increase the timeout and make some testing.

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Hi Maynard, it happens with all our devices, FMC920, FMB920, FMB120.

Settings are the same as per your attachment, to what would you suggest I increase it to.

and also if you can recommend what I can increase the sensitivity to on the crash and tow detections as we have a lot of vehicles driving on gravel road also giving us excess amounts of events. All settings are standard config settings.

firmware is 3.29 and 3.27


Thank you, for network jamming try to increase the Jamming Event detection to at least 100 secs or 120 secs the value also depends on your POC/Testing.

And for crash detection try to increase the threshold for than the default value, the value also depends on your POC/Testing

In any case there is more critical issues found you may contact your sales manager or create and HD ticket

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