Missing Ignition Event ID


I am having FMC920 devices. using the latest firmware 3.29.00.Rev.13 .

Here i am facing the issue that the Event ID 239 is missing, although i got the property value of 239 either “1” or “0” on behalf of the event.

In my application i am checking the Event ID 239 and its property value = 0/1 to detect the ignition ON or OFF.

Below is the sample data which i received in my database. here is not showing the Event ID, although it shows the property 239 and its value 1

      EventId : 0
      PropertiesCount :16
      Properties : Array (16)
      label: "Ignition"

how can i resolve this issue to get the event id 239 also, when the event occur.

Hi Usman,

Please try to change the ignition to High Priority and On change and make a test like turning On and turning off the ignition.

See from the RAW data if the event triggered is AVL ID 239

Best Regards
Maynard C


I had done the above changes and now it is in testing. The same issue but in different way is that I got Event id 239 and its value 1 (means ignition ON) and when the ignition OFF so it miss the Event ID 239 but it gives the property value 239 =0 (so this data has missed because my conditions check the Event ID with the property value 239 either 1/0 ) so when i map the Ignition ON and OFF data so i found unsynchronized data with wrong IGNITION data.

Hi Usman,

Good day, in any case that you encounter an issue kindly create an HD ticket.

Best Regards
Maynard C.