LTE + WIFI not working correctly?


I’m the owner of one of your charging stations (22kw, intl) and when I bought it I specifically wanted this model because It can connect to the internet using the mobile network.
I’ve bought a SIM card and configured the APN and pin (no need for user, pass and dial number on this card) and inside the Teltonika Energy app on connection menu, it says that it is connected.

Now, the problem is that I can’t access it from distance. When I open the app, and I’m not in the Bluetooth range of the charging station, the station appears as ‘not available’ inside the phone app.

I’ve tried with both, android and IOS, the framework is the latest one available. Also, the network connection on WIFI doesn’t work either. It does the same thing, It displays as it is connected under the connection tab, but shows as ‘not available’ in my app if I’m out of Bluetooth range.

Is there any other setting that I need to enable? Is there another app that I need to use in order to access the station? Can you please help me with this issue?

Here are some photos:


Hi Emil,

Good day, this is not how it works,

Wifi, GSM, and Ethernet port will only work through the OCPP.

The mobile app is only accessible via Bluetooth.

Maynard C

So… you are telling me that I bought the wrong product? My need is to have a personal charging point, at home, that can be controlled via 3g connection (since I don’t have a Wi-Fi signal where I needed to install the charger). If I can’t connect to the charging point via an app (or even a web platform) this is somehow useless, it doesn’t fit my needs.
I’ve tried to look over if I can find an app/platform that can connect via OCPP communication port, but I need something free or cheap as I don’t need so much of a fleet management and other stuff that a business needs… This is going to be used as a home charger… Do you have any recommendations of such a platform?


Yes, we have partners that support OCPP, kindly contact your sales manager or if you don’t have a contact with them, please create an HD or send an email to us.

Send an email to Teltonika Energy - IoT, Internet of Things ( and click the contact button.

Maynard C

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