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Gps fmc640 does not send the data packet when the unit is stopped,¿can you help me with that detail?

Hi Alejandro,

Good day, Please check the following.

  1. Data acquisition settings, Please check what is the interval that you have set for the minimum period, min saved records and the send period, if the device is set to 3600 sec meaning the device will only acquire a new record every 3600 sec.



Try to change the default settings to your preferred time interval For example set the min period for the onstop mode to 600 sec.

Reference: FMC650 Data acquisition settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (teltonika-gps.com)

If this does not fixed the issue, please check from where did you connect the device , please connect the FMC650 directly to the battery of the vehicle and not with the ignition source.

Best Regards
Maynard C

My stopped configuration is: min period 150, min saved records 1, send period 300.

I asked the gps for status and this answered me:Data Link: 0(22) GPRS: 1(1) Phone: 0 SIM: 0 OP: 334020 Signal: 3 NewSMS: 0 Roaming: 0 SMSFull: 0 LAC: 22035 Cell ID: 264439282 Network Type: 0 SIM1

The link remains in a closed state,in the configuracion the duracion of the open link is kept
at 2592000 s


Thank you for your response, what is you firmware version?

Kindly try to update the FMC650 firmware to the latest from the firmware errata of FMC650 there is a lot of improvement in the device network operation.

Download link: https://wiki.teltonika-gps.com/view/Special:Redirect/file/FMX65.Ver.03.00.15.Rev.13_and_configurator.zip

Best Regards
Maynard C

The model of my device is Fmc640 and the last firmware update is 01.02.27.rev.06.

I have another detail,this happened in other gps,when i turned off the vehicle the gps
stopped reporting location when i asked for the location it sends it and also if i turn on the vehicle
it sends the power- on event and starts updating the normal location


Is your device directly connected to the vehicle battery or to the ignition cable?

Can you send me the screenshot of your system device configuration like the screenshot below

Best regards
Maynard C


The device is connected directly to the battery,does not read telemetry and does not have any sensor connected.


Can you try to enable static navigation from the device? and

Wiki page reference FMC640 System settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (teltonika-gps.com)\

Maynard C


I enable static navigation and the detail continues,I asked the gps for the status and it sent me this:

Data Link: 0(22) GPRS: 1(1) Phone: 0 SIM: 0 OP: 334020 Signal: 4 NewSMS: 0 Roaming: 0 SMSFull: 0 LAC: 3867 Cell ID: 72214277 Network Type: 2 SIM1


Thank you for your response, the static navigation is a filter, if no movement or ignition is detected as per the static navigation deactivation source , the device will send its last know position.

Best Regards
Maynard C.

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