JSON CODEC not found for FMB920

Subject: Missing JSON Codec in Teltonika FMB920 Data Protocol Settings

Hello Everyone,

I am currently following the tutorial provided by Teltonika to set up my FMB920 device with AWS IoT Core FMB920 Getting Started with AWS IoT Core - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS . According to the tutorial, I need to select the “Codec JSON” option under the Data Protocol section. However, I am unable to find this option in my device settings.

Here are the relevant screenshots of my current configuration:

Expected Data Protocol Options:

My Device Configuration:

As you can see, my device only shows options for “Codec 8” and “Codec 8 Extended.” I have uploaded the necessary certificates and followed all the steps in the tutorial up to this point.

My questions are:

Why is the JSON codec option not appearing in my device’s Data Protocol settings?
Is there a firmware update or additional configuration required to enable this option?
Has anyone else encountered and resolved this issue?
Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello @Deniz

I believed this is related on this topic and I already give the answer to it: Need Help with Teltonika FMB920 - Receiving HTTP 400 Bad Request from My Server - #5 by Maynard

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Maynard C