Issues with GNSS Fix and Location Data on Teltonika FMB920


I’m experiencing some issues with my Teltonika FMB920 device related to GNSS fix and location data. Despite having a GPS signal visible, the device is not using it, and all the location parameters are showing as null. Here are some details:

Device Info:

Firmware Version: 03.29.00 Rev:18
IMEI: 352592578765422
Power Voltage: 4980 mV
Current GNSS Status:

GNSS Packets: 1394
Fix Status: No fix
Latitude/Longitude: 0, 0
Speed: 0 km/h
Here are the screenshots of my configuration:

GNSS Info:

System Settings:

Despite these settings, the device fails to get a GNSS fix, and the location parameters remain null. Is there a specific configuration required to resolve this issue? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Deniz,

  1. Kindly bring the device to an open space.
  2. For GNSS source, select the combination of GLONASS+GPS+Galelio.
  3. For Assisted GPS Settings, enable the AGPS for Home, Roaming and Unknown and select 6 hours for AGPS file duration.

NOTE: Device should be connected to network in-order for AGPS to work.

If this didn’t resolve the issue, kindly raise a Helpdesk Ticket.


thank you for the answer

I made that but still no signal for GPS