Iridium edge how it works

Can you help me understand how Iridium Edge works? When the Teltonika FMC125 device has no GSM signal, does the Iridium Edge device send information through the FMC125, or do I need to register two independent GPS devices on the platform?”

Hi @eirr_01,

I hope you are doing well. Iridium Edge only works when the FMC125 has no GSM signal coverage.

In the illustrated setup, when the FMX device loses GSM signal coverage, it transmits data via the Iridium Edge, which then relays the vehicle’s location through Iridium Satellites. In this case, an Iridium Platform is used, and you must enter your server credentials into this platform to receive the data from the Iridium network. For more information about this use case, I recommend you to browse through this link: Vehicle Tracking Using Iridium Connected® Telematics Solution

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