Immobilizer safety with iBeacon and notification every time

I’m using FMC130 with iBeacon (in Eddystone mode) for Immobilizer scenario.

  1. Can somebody scan my iBeacon and copy the namespace and Instance ID and rename another iBeacon and use that as Immobilizer? The same (even easier) as using relay techique for stealing cars?
  2. I get notification by Immoblizer SMS every time when I’m getting closer to the car and walking away. This is so frustrating. Is it correct? Can it be changed to get nofitifaction only for invalid authentication?

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Yes, it is possible to receive the namespace and instance ID of the iBeacon as the sensor constantly advertises its data. However, renaming it and changing some of its parameters they need to configure it through the Eye App.

Immobilizer SMS events will only be sent once the Features have been triggered. It is normal to receive notifications once you get closer to the vehicle if you have used List check for Authorization as Beacon. However, you may adjust the settings of the Eye Beacon so that you will not receive notifications from time to time. For more information about Eye Beacon, you may refer to this link: EYE BEACON / BTSID1 - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

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