Immobilizer function for vehicle start and stop button and electric

Hello everyone,

I would like help regarding the immobilizer functionality on vehicles that start with a StartAndStop button and electric vehicles please.

To date, this functionality is simple with the use of a relay for vehicles that start with a key. I just cut the starter wire or the starter power supply at the neiman.

My questions are:

1 - How to prevent starting on vehicles that have a startandstop button

2 - How to prevent starting on electric vehicles

Thank you all for your feedback
Good day

Hi @KevinFontaineRd,

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Normally, the issue when Immobilizing vehicles that use the push button or EV vehicles is the ignition that triggers the Immobilizer Functionality. In this case, you may try to use the ignition trigger on the brake pedal as some vehicles need to press the brake before you can start the vehicle, vehicle lights, or driver door could be possibly used whichever fits the required voltage for the Ignition cable of the device.

I hope this helps.

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Patrick S.

Hello @Patrick_Sangalang ,

First of all, thank you for your response,

For me the idea of using the brake pedal trigger is very interesting,

Have you ever done this type of installation?
Do you know what voltage generally passes through this trigger?
Is it easy to access inside the vehicle?

Thank you in advance for your feedback

Kevin F

Hello Keven,

Good day! We have previously done this type of installation on Nissan Leaf vehicles.

Unfortunately, I am unable to record the voltage readings but the concept is as to what is mentioned below.

• When brake pedal depressed, wire should not provide any voltage;
• When brake pedal pressed, voltage on wire should appear

Installation might need to remove the down panel of the vehicle, to install.

Kind regards,
Patrick S.

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