How to get event on low battery with field in all messages?


i would like to get the battery voltage values in all messages and also to get event (67) when voltage is below a certain value.

if i set the operand to be monitoring i will get it in every message but not get an event
if i set to “on exit” i will get the event but i will not have the value in each message.

this is a problem.

Fleet management system requires both.

how to resolve it?


Good day, Thank you for contacting Teltonika Telematics!

You can set the value operand to Exit or Enter and from there you can also add the GSM number for battery voltage. whenever such event occurs you will be getting event and SMS both for that you need to add a GSM predefined number from the SMS/Call Setting option. Please see screenshot and link for your reference.


Ashutosh S.


but this is not what i meant.

i don’t want to configure the sms, this is done on the server side.

i just want to have the battery value in each messages , and in addition to get an event (as a message from device) when level drops below the defined threshold.


You can set the battery voltage I/O to High and set Event Only Option to No in that case you will be sending battery voltage data in all AVL packet as well as you will be getting event message also when device changes the range. Please see image below.



Ashutosh S.

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