How to add button code(s) to device?


we need to manage permitted buttons code in the device.
how can i add a new code?
how to delete a new code?
how to add multiple code?

i would like to do this without managing in server side the exact position (parameter number) for each code

Hello Rafi,

Good day, Thank you for reaching out to Teltonika Telematics Community Forum!

What device do you want to use for this project? Can you explain more about this?

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Maynard C.


it is a general questions for all device types that support list of ibutton codes. mainly the FMBxxx

we expect that the device will manage the list in memory and make it easy for the end user to add/del codes

so we are looking for commands like:

add code(s)
del code(s)
del all codes

how it can be done ?
we use the Flespi platform.


Please send SMS or GPRS command

parameter ID from 30000 to 33999
setparam 30000:(ibutton iD)

Wiki page referencve:
FMB setparam - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

i am familiar with this, but this is good only for 1st time when you are connected to vehicle with cable

how can we manage the permission list for a fleet with various lists for each vehicle

i would like to add code 1234567890 to multiple vehicles , while each vehicle has different list in its memory?
same for removing?
how your customers manage it?

Hello Rafi,

You need to send an SMS or GPRS command as I mention in my previous comment

setparam<space>(parameter ID):(ibutton ID)

Codec 12 must be enabled on your server if you are going to use GPRS command. Codec - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (


If you want to set a new ID please follow the format below

setparam 30000:123456789

If you want to delete the ID please follow the format below

setparam 30000:0

just set the parameter value to 0

If you want to configure each list:

setparam 30000:123456789
setparam 30001:123456789
setparam 30002:123456789
setparam 30003:123456789
setparam 30004:123456789
setparam 30005:123456789

down to 33999

I show this part of the configurator to identify what will be the beginning of the parameter ID

so the range is from 30000 to 33999

Maynard C.


i think you dont understand the challenge for the customers.

a customer cannot manage and remember for each vehicle which permission exists in each memory cell.

a customer wants to add permission code 1234567788 to several devices without knowing which cell is occupied and which is free and what is the last free position in memory

just use a command like “ADD 1234567890”

the same for deleting.
if an employee leaves the company and we would like to remove its permission from all vehicles
we would like to send simple command like “DEL 123456789” without knowing which position in the array holds the permission in each vehicle.

do you have a solution this?

and what about deleting all permissions with just simple command like DELALL
without knowing how may permissions defined in device and in which positions.


You can assign a parameter ID for each employee for example parameter ID:30000 is for employee A, parameter ID:30001 is for employee B, and so on. By using this logic you can simply remove or add a new ibutton ID using SMS or GPRS command.

Or if you do not want to do that you can upload a new configuration file of the device through the FOTAWEB which contains all the new ibuttons lists.