Frequency reading from DIN on FMB130

I have an RPM sensor that reads the sinewave from the vehicle generator and converts it to a squarewave. I wonder if I can read the frequency of this squarewave using the digital inputs of the FMB130 to calculate the vehicle’s RPM. In the I/Os tab on Teltonika Configurator, I can find only the pulse counter parameter but nothing about the frequency reading, although I can create a configuration file with this parameter enabled, but it fails every time I try to upload to an FMB130. Note that I’m using the 03.27.14.Rev.00 firmware version.

Hi Engen,

Good day, FMX6 device supports reading the frequency of the DIN you can find it here: FMC650 Features settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Or you can ask your sales manager or create an HD ticket if there is any evaluation firmware for reading the pulse counter for FMC130.

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Maynard C

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