FOTA WEB task failed all the Time

I am having two devics FMB140 and FMC 125. whenever i create a task at FOTA web like “Receive Internal Log” it shows pending (status) after some time the task get failed every time.

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Is the device able to communicate in FOTAWEB? like the example below

If yes kindly follow the steps below

  1. Make sure that ports 5000 and 6000 are whitelisted from your SIM card provider. (If whitelisting the port works no need to create a Helpdesk ticket )
  2. Please check in FOTAWEB the error message of why the task is failing.

If the device is not able to communicate in FOTAWEB kindly check your device configuration
Make sure that the FOTAWEB Status is enabled, and Domain and Port are properly set.


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  • IMEI
  • Logs
  • Configuration file
  • Intenational GSM number
  • Firmware version

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Yes the Device is able to communicate at FOTA web. i got the “Recieve internal Log” from one of my Tracker. Sure i am also checking the FOTA web Settings for the Other Tacker also