FMT100 SMS/CALL Settings

Hi ,
i have the fmt 100 device, i have set everything as it should be. now i want to send commands to the fmt100 device. i send the commands to the sim number that is in the device. however, i do not receive a response to the command. the phone number that sends the command to the device is also stored in the list, but i still get no result. however, if i call the number and set beforehand that a call to the device should be hung up, then this works.

I look forward to your help.
many thanks !


Good day, please find my questions below.

Did you enable the sleep mode from the device?
Did you confirm that the message was delivered to the device?
Are you using the latest firmware for FMT100?
Is there enough signal for your FMT100 to receive the commands?

Best Regards
Maynard C

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