FMM230 sms limitation

Hi, how can i limit the sms rate to one or two / alarm. My fmm has gone out by geofence area and i get 10 sms messages to phone.
I need only one


Do you have the screenshot of your configuration file for the Geofence?

Hi, i cant attact the photo.
High priority.
Records -enable.
Generate event -on exit
Activation time out - 30sec
Radius -150m.
Deactivate by- power voltage


As per your settings, you are using a Auto-geofence feature and deactivate by: source is the power voltage,
Wiki page: FMC130 Auto Geofence settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (
Can you change the deactivated source to DIN 1?

Connect DIN 1 to the ignition wire directly so whenever the ignition is off and after the timeout is reached the autogeofence will be activated and you will only receive a notification once you exit in that particular autogeozone, also try to increase the radius of the autogeozone.



Ok, where i can shop IP67 , 2x6 cable harness to my fmm230? With The unit came only two wire cable + and-.

Hi, now i have the right cable harness to my FMM230. I only need the tracker in geofence situation to stop thieves.
I have connected ibutton to onewire data and ground.
Where should i connect sign led indicator, that tells my when i read the ibutton and geofence goes off. Is it + and dout2 ?
Do the geofence automatically go to “on” when i stop the vehicle.
So the ibutton needs only to stopping geofence?