FMM230 ibutton and led indicator

Hi, now i have the right cable harness to my FMM230. I only need the tracker in geofence situation to stop thieves.
I have connected ibutton to onewire data and ground.
Where should i connect sign led indicator, that tells my when i read the ibutton and geofence goes off. Is it + and dout2 ?
Do the geofence automatically go to “on” when i stop the vehicle.
So the ibutton needs only to stopping geofence?


Good day, Thank you for contacting Teltonika Telematics!

When you are using I-button you need to do two things in the device configuration, first you need to set the Immobilization settings in features section in the device configuration and set its control to any of the digital outputs and then enter the I-button Key in the 1-wire option in the device configuration settings. If you want I-button read notification also from the device you can set it from the same features option. Please use links below for your reference.

Please use link to set Auto geofence in the device. You can also set Geofence Auto deactivation when Ibutton Key is detected by the device using link below.


Ashutosh S.