FMC920 versions

I have 2 FMC920 firmware 03.28.02 Rev 197, configured with configurator 1.7.38 and their configuration saved to, say, original.cfg.

I now have several new FMC920s, firmware not known, to configure.

I find that configurator 1.7.72 does not open original.cfg nor connect to the original FMC920s.

I want to have a new.cfg that I can use to configure all devices. Is my best strategy to:

  • Update the firmware in the original FMC920s to 03.29.00 Rev 18. I’m assuming this does not reset their configuration.
  • I should then be able to connect to them with configurator 1.7.72 to download and save their configuration as new.cfg.
  • Make sure the new devices have 03.29.00 Rev 18.
  • Configure the new devices with new.cfg.

Does that make sense or is there a better way?


Yesterday I installed 03.29.00 Rev 18 firmware on my fmc003 (03.28.03_97) using TCT. Just in case, I saved the configuration beforehand. But during the update I did not have to use the configuration file since the configuration were not reset.

Hi @creer,

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Normally, you may not open the original.cfg (1.7.38) on the new configurator (1.7.72) as the Base Firmware of these Configurators was different since some additional options or settings have been added on the new Configurator which is why you were receiving some errors.

Suggesting you Open and load the correct Configuration based on the Firmware version so you will not receive any errors from the device.

You may access the Configurators of the device through this link: Teltonika Configurator versions - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Patrick S.

Thanks for your advice. I put my plan into action - upgraded the firmware in the ‘old’ FMC920 and the latest configurator could then read its settings which were still there. So I saved them to my PC and I’m sure I will now be able to configure the new devices.

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