FMC920 | Satellites "Visible", but "Not In Use"

Hello Community,

While configuring a new FMC920, for some reason the satellites appear “VISIBLE” but not “IN USE”.
I need them “in use” in order to get a location.

When I request the location, I receive an SMS saying “GPS Data not Available. No GPS signal”.
I have the Sleep Mode disabled, but no success… Maybe I am missing some configuration?
Sharing below an image of the error, as well as from the configuration.
Does someone know why is this happening?

Thanks a lot !


Hi Ferrer,

Good day, the FMC920 device will only use the satellites when it starts to send records to your server.

To test it please adjust your data acquisition settings to at least 1 min

After that try to change the settings to after timesync or to after position fix.
Aftertime sync- records will be saved and sent only after time synchronization
After position fix - records will be saved and sent only after the position fix;
Always - records will be always saved and sent even if there will not be time synchronization.

Note: I also recommend to use the latest firmware for FMC920 :

Maynard C.

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