FMC920 recommanded firmware


I have some FMC920 with firmware 03.28.02.Rev.195 and wanted to upgrade them.
Is it best to stay on 3.28 and go to 03.28.02.Rev.197 or go to the last one 03.29.00.Rev.18?
Both are recommanded for FMC920.
I tried the 3.29 on one device and it seem ok but not sure to do on all if 3.28 is still the best recommanded.

Hi @nicnic94

If you have an issue with the current firmware that you have you can try to upgrade to the latest base 29 firmware.

In any case that you need an additional feature from the base 29 firmware you can test few devices and check its performance.
As you can see from the firmware 03.29.00.rev.13 there is a lot of changes and features that were implemented:

Reference: FMC920 firmware errata - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Best Regards
Maynard C.

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