FMC920 no SMS on Manual Geofence after update


I use a FMC920 for about 1,5 years without any problems. Recently I wanted to change some details and made an update for the device. Since then it has not been possible to set a phone number for manual geofence. For Auto Geofence it is possible.
I just saw, that it is also not possible to set sms commands or phone number lists for I/O settings too.

I used configurator 1.7.72.B.3.29_R.10 and Firmware is 3.29 Rev 13

Edit: Okay, just found the answer, that it is much more complicated to configure than before the update. I’m still too stupid to set the device correctly. Until now it makes nothing, no sms is sent on any event or request by sms. :unamused: