FMC920 Configuration via SMS?

Can I configure the FMC920’s movement source (and other features) using SMS? E.g:

setparam #:#

Although I can find a table on the wiki which shows me some of the parameters, and the format of the SMS commands, I cannot locate a table which shows me the parameter for movement source.

I can guess at the parameter number, from the ‘ID’ field of the TCT - is it 138? Would this work?: “setparam 138:1”. And, are the four settings numbered 1-4, or 0-3?

Never mind; I found that the command above does work (and settings are numbered 1-4).

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In response to your question, yes, it is possible to configure the movement source via SMS for your FMC920. The “Parameter ID” that refers to the movement source is 138, and depending on your needs, you can configure it as follows:

  • setparam 138:1 - Selects ignition as the movement source.
  • setparam 138:2 - Selects the accelerometer as the movement source.
  • setparam 138:4 - Selects GNSS as the movement source.
  • setparam 138:8 - Selects CAN speed as the movement source.

To correct your comment, the range of possible values is from 0 to 8, but the values it can take are only the ones mentioned above (1, 2, 4, and 8).

In the following link, you will find the complete list of system parameters supported by your FMC920 device.
FMC920 Parameter list - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (
I hope you find this information useful.

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That’s what I needed; thank you.

BTW, I had only tried ‘1’ and ‘2’ for settings, and (incorrectly) concluded that the range was 1-4 (rather than 1,2,4,8).

you can reference to this table

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