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Hi, Team

We have FMC650 device (IMEI 864636063942789) and it seems it works with BLE sensors a bit differently than other devices (FMB920, FMB125 etc). We tried different firmware versions.

Both FMB920, FMB125 , older FMB640 and other models can work successfully with BLE sensors (fuel level, axle load etc) using uploaded presets from manufacturer.

FMC650 even cannot discouver these BLE sensors during scan, although at the same time FMB920/FMB125 devices read adversiting packets successfully.

At the same time FMC650 can read certain BLE sensor models, so bluetooth module is okay.

Only difference between visible and non-visible BLE sensors for FMC650 is their bluetooth advertising status : connectable and non-connectable. Connectable sensors can be found by configurator scan while non-connectable don’t.
But connection status is not important for data reading:
For FMB920/125/FMB640 - all other teltonika trackers no difference between these states - in both cases they work.

Could you please confirm that filter using this state was added in FMC650 compared to other Teltonika GPS trackers? Or there is other reason to skip advertising devices?
If yes, any plans to remove this filter in future firmware versions? Because it limits the customer to a certain range of sensors, instead of using full possible range using great custom preset concept from Teltonika.



Good day, please try to update the firmware of FMC650 to its latest version 03.00.15.rev.13

Please find the improvements and additional features below:

  • Reading from BLE sensors with Advanced mode improvements
  • Reading from BLE beacons with Simple mode improvements

Reference: FMC650 firmware errata - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Download the latest firmware here:

Please make a test and let me know the results.

Best Regards
Maynard C.

Dear Maynard.
Same issue with newest firmware. Sensors which can be scanned by smartphone as “non-connectable” cannot be found by FMC650 configurator scan and then cannot be read by FMC650, although other teltonika GPS trackers can scan and read them.

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Good day, please contact your sales manager or create an HD ticket regarding this topic.

If you don’t have any contacts with our Sales managers, please contact them on our official website and click on the “Contact Us” button. When you click, please fill out form and submit it.


Please provide the following:

  1. IMEI
  2. Logs.
  3. Configuration file.
  4. Firmware version.
  5. etc

Best regards,
Maynard C

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