FMC640 scanfms result

i have got this result from scanfms command from FMC640 device


there is a excel file in Teltonika site (“FMB6 scanfmsV1.1”) that i can put this result in it and it says which parameters from can fms are available.

Based on the answer received , i must get Fuel Level . with readio 87 sms command or in my avl packet.

but i can not get Fuel Level Parameter and it is always 0.

can any one help me on this?


Good day,

Are you able to get other parameters besides the fuel level?

Did you enable the IO fuel level ?
What is the firmware that you are using?
What is the vehicle model?

Best Regards
Maynard C

thanks for your reply

I can get some other parameters from ecu . like fuel rate , engine speed , total fuel , …
Yes , i have enable fuel level IO
The firmware is 01.02.27.Rev.06
The Vehicle is a Chinese based truck that assembled in Iran . i do not know the exact model.
We use can high and low from OBD port of truck.


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