FMC234 + CanControl

Couple of questions, just ordered through my sales manger a FMC234 and the Can Control.

I’ve looked on the list of vehicles that are supported by the Can-Control and it’s listed, how do you get the documentation for installation? (Just so I know I’m connecting onto the correct part of the canbus in vehicle?)

Secondly, I need to order a SIM card for the device, am I better of with an E-sim or a physical SIM card? I’m guessing a physical sim might be better as it can be taken out for testing purposes?

How much data should I expect to use if I was using it everyday? just so I know what type of SIM card I was going to order.

I was looking to go with EE, any reasons not to go with them?


The CAN CONTROL scheme is available via HD or from your sales manager.

You can insert micro SIM for FMC234: FMC234 First Start - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (
For Esim, you need to contact your sales manager to have a different product code for FMC234 which supports eSIM.

Data consumption depends on the parameters you enable from the device and how frequently the device sends records to your server.

The minimum AVL record size is 45 bytes (all IO elements disabled). Maximum AVL packet size is 1280 bytes
Please refer here for the data consumption for codec 8 and codec 8 extended

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Maynard C

Refer where? No link?

So something like a 1GB data package, I would never use even with heavy usage?

Clearly I don’t want to run out of data on the SIM, specially as it will be under contract.


Codec 8
Here is the link: Codec - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Codec 8 Extended
Codec - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

What I think is 1GB is more than enough.

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Maynard C

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