FMC150 - "CAN-CONTROL Not connected"


I need help on getting CAN data from vehicle using FMC150.
I connected the 12v, gnd, CAN1-L and CAN1-H to pin16(12v), pin5(gnd), pin14(CAN-L) & pin6(CAN-H) of obd female port in the car.

Car details - 2016 Polo GT TSI 1.2L Petrol
I am get payload “CAN-CONTROL Not connected”.
Pls help on the issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Prakash Anandan


The FMC150 does not support CAN-CONTROL,

FMC150 has a built-in CAN Adapter but it does not support a controlling functionality.

Please visit our wiki page to learn more.

Wiki page: FMC150 - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (
Datasheet: DS-FMC150.pdf (

For the error that you received, you should connect the FMC150 according to the schematic diagram that was provided to you by the Teltonika Local Support from your region.

And the you need to upload the OEM file using the FOTAWEB or from the configurator.

Best Regards
Maynard C

Hello Maynard,

Thanks for your reply.

I connected the device according to the schematic diagram and uploaded the OEM file. I got the same payload “CAN-CONTROL Not connected”. The car model is not listed in the OEM. So I selected the equivalent model. Will that have any impact?

Also I connected the tracker GND to OBD signal GND. Will that have any impact? Do I have to connect the tracker GND to vehicle body part?

Prakash Anandan

Hello Maynard,

Got CAN data from Suzuki Celerio with the OEM configuration suzuki/Ignis mk2 (FF21S)/2016/2020. So because of incompatibility I didn’t get data previously from other vehicle.

Thanks & Regards,
Prakash Anandan

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