Fmc130 immobilizer with ibutton


Could you please help me with some doubts to the diagram of FMC130 Using Ibutton for Immobilizer?

I would like to use an Ibutton for authentication, I mean the device always should set the digital output1 and the unit must be locked until the user identified using the Ibutton id.

I already tried to to this with the guidance of YouTube video but at the moment still not working is there other diagrams for connection and how it should be configured?
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Welcome to Teltonika Community Forum!

Regarding the Wiring scheme, you may follow the same wiring as shared on the Teltonika Video. I believe it is worth checking if you have enabled iButton List Check, if you have not authorized the iButton you are using I recommend keeping this setting to Disable.

Otherwise if you want to enable it you need to specify the ID on the Authorization ID List, for more information kindly refer to this link: FMC130 1-Wire - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

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