FMC130 ignition sense

I’ve only got 2 wires connected positive and negative and positive is on permanent live as it is supposed to be but when I check reports it’s showing ignition on and then anywhere between 5 and 20 seconds later ignition off and then at random intervals it does it again even whilst driving. What’s going on as I have no idea.


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How did you configure the device? Did you use the DIN 1 as an ignition source or Power voltage?

For more information please visit this link: FMC130 System settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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Sorry thought I said it’s an FMC130 . I have only connected the red and black woes and not connected DIN1 at the minute.


To have an accurate detection of the ignition please connect DIN 1 to the ignition wire of the vehicle.
Select DIN 1 as an ignition source.

Using this configuration you will be able to have accurate ignition detection settings.

Wiring Schemes: Wiring-scheme-FMC130.jpg (2000×1355) (

Maynard C

I understand that but was confused as to why it is sensing ignition being on and off with only the red and black lead connected at the moments


Maybe this is because you set the ignition source to Power voltage, once the vehicle is running there is a fluctuation from the power voltage.

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Maynard C

Managed to sort it thanks. It’s just a shame your customer service team isn’t as prompt and efficient as you as still waiting for them to setup the FOTA account despite emails from them and then just cut off and ignored.

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