FMC130 auto calibration problem

We have issues getting working auto calibration for industry vehicles like wheeled loaders and trucks.

Here is our installation setup:

  • FMC130 has firmware 03.29.00.Rev.14
  • FMC130 gets power when vehicle ignition is on (Power voltage betwen 10V-30V)
  • We have set Continious auto calibration
  • Gravity filter enabled
  • Eco/Green driving has source Accelerometer

We send auto_calibrate:set and then after a while from auto_calibrate_get we get:

Calibrated! Full? Yes! Last [2024-03-28 05:37:21] Qual:1.00
GROUND → X:0.457581 Y:0.383326 Z:-0.802297
SIDE → X:-0.148210 Y:-0.850243 Z:-0.497473 Pos:0

We then experience getting faulty harsh driving warnings and do a auto_calibration:set again. This time with auto_calibrate_get we get:

Calibrated! Full? Yes! Last [2024-04-04 14:58:19] Qual:1.00
GROUND → X:0.514684 Y:0.430894 Z:-0.741236
SIDE → X:0.442620 Y:0.606888 Z:0.660132 Pos:0

We did not move or reinstall the FMC130 and stil the SIDE values differ alot. The GROUND values seems to be around the same. How can the calibrations differ so much and the quality seems perfect on both calibrations (Qual:1.00).

We really need some help with this. Could you explain more how to calibration funktion works and then maybe we can troubleshoot on our end. We have looked at all the Teltonika-instructions on auto calibration.

Some questions:

  • Does the new firmware 03.29.00.Rev.14 require some other calibration process?
  • Could a bad GNSS signal cause bad calibration but it stil shows Qual:1.00?
  • We have never gotten the FMC130 to recalibrate by itself due to re-mounting. Why is that?
  • Is the FMC130 meant to work with heave duty vehicles like wheeled loaders?

Se FMC130 configuration file in this link: Sign in to your account

Hello there.

Thank you for your questions.

Unfortunately, I was unable to download your configuration via the link you provided.

As we would like to analyze your issue further, please contact your sales manager with this information and the configuration file. If you don’t have any contacts with our Sale managers, please contact with them on our official website and click on the “Contact Us” button. When you will click, please fill the form and submit it.

This will help us to investigate this further.

Best regards,
Jonas K.

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