FMC125 & Iridium Edge

Dear Teltonika,

I have doubt about the solution between FMC125 & Iridium Edge, I want to know how Iridium server identifies the data of Iridium Edge, this identification is using the ESN of Iridium Edge or it is using the ESN or the FMC125, and the data that goes out from the Iridium server to customer platform is identify by ESN of FMC125 or by ESN of Iridium Edge.

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Good day,

If you are talking about the IMEI of the device. Then the identification number of the Iridium Edge is used by the platform what data is being sent and if it should be allowed.

The IMEI of the FMC125 device is not used in any way when we are talking about communication between Iridium Edge and Iridium Servers/Satellites.

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