FMC003 Disable roaming outside of EU

Is it possible, to allow roaming inside the EU and disable it outside? Like when you are near the EU border or on a ferry?


The device priority will always be the home network, if the home network is not available this time the device will start to scan for another network (roaming/unknown network).

Please visit this link to know more: FMC130 GSM Operators settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

From your case are you using a regular sim or a multi IMSI sim?

Maynard C.

I am using a regular sim. EU is no problem, but outside is very pricey. Also on the ferry where reception is only via marine satellite.

Another question: Is MMC and MNC the correct codes to search for? E.g. the example in the wiki (334020) would be América Móvil? So I could just add all codes of maritime providers and the ones near the border to the black list, so they are blocked and all others will work?

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Meaning if you go outside the EU you are using a roaming right?

You can add a ban list from your device so that it will not connect to any network that you do not permit.

Hi yes,

Please check also this site: Most up to date list of MCC and MNC codes: mobile country codes – mobile network codes (

Maynard C

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So I need to search the MCC/MNC for maritime providers as well as Russian providers. I’ll add them to the black list and the ferry/driving near the Russian border should be no problem. The device will not connect to any of the networks on the black list. Thank you!

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