FMB920 replace internal LiPol to external 3 cells NiCd pack

Good day dear community! Due to the limited working temperature of the Lipol battery cells, I am faced with replacing this LiPol cell with 3 NiCd cells. The question is - is it necessary to modify the power circuit and the charging circuit of the accumulator? Does anyone know the value of the batt protection thermistor? Yes, the question can be answered by looking at the printed circuit, measuring and studying the datasheets, but I would like to save some time and confirm my opinion with the views of others. The question does not resolve the inconsistency between the charging and discharging characteristics of the 3S1P NiCd accumulator and the LiPol cell, due to the capacity of the proposed cells, the energy stored in them will be more than sufficient even in the case of a partial charge. I manage the working life of this installation.
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Hi @PeterOBD

Good day, please find the details below:

You can change it as long the battery specification is the same but in case the battery specification is not the same there is risk of explosion of battery/device.

Reference: FMB920 General description - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

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I too would like to use other battery types, for another reason: I want to use them in aircraft, and lithium cells are an unnecessary fire hazard. My solution so far has been to remove the internal battery completely, and use a 12v NiMh pack on the main power supply. They are surprisingly not cheap…

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Thank you for sharing your solution.

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