FMB920. Monitoring a specific range of voltage using analog input 1

Hello. I want to monitor voltage between 1-10V using FMB920 and stop sending analog data if value is outside the specified range. I tried to implement it by setting

  1. Analog Input 1 Priority to 1 (50180:1)
  2. Analog Input 1 Operand to Operand on Entrance (50181:1)
  3. Analog Input 1 High level to 10000 (50182:10000)
  4. Analog Input 1 Low Level to 1000 (50183:1000)
  5. Analog Input 1 Event only to 0 (50184:0)
  6. Analog Input 1 Average to 200 (50185:200)
    (setparam 50180:1;50181:1;50182:10000;50183:1000;50184:0;50185:200)
    but resulting graph looks like this:

    Also, What is the Analog Input 1 sampling rate? In other words in how long of a time is 200 Analog values red and averaged out?

Hello @Khuyagmaidar,

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Based on the Settings you have set for Analog Input it seems that the values were correct if you want to receive data from the device when the Analog voltage was between 1 - 10 V. However, I believe the drop on your platform shows that no data has been received from the device but need to confirm.

Moreover, Analog Input does not have a sampling rate as compared to Digital Inputs. Averaging for analog input follows the RC curve as it prevents quick, noisy values from triggering events.

I hope this helps.

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