FMB640 - J1708+J1939 - 2010 Volvo FH440 Fuel Data Missing

Hello everyone,

I installed the FMB640 tracker on two 2010 Volvo FH440 vehicles, and I am having difficulty obtaining fuel consumption data.

I installed both J1708 (RJ9 connector) and J1939 (CAN1) in the vehicle, as shown in the image below.


In my configuration, I have maintained consumption data through J1708, but I have not been successful in obtaining this data.

I tried to configure some messages related to consumption via the Manual CAN IO, but nothing came either.

On this Wiki page, there is the following sentence, but I don’t understand it. Would I need to disable the vehicle’s J1708? How to do this?

NOTE: Most of the Volvo trucks need an J1708 connection to be able to receive fuel level data

I checked the J1708 connections on the RJ9 connector, and they are correct. Is there a way to test the J1708 using the tracker configuration?

Does anyone have any tips?

Hi @almirbraggio

Is the FMS protocol activated from your vehicle?

For Manual CAN you should the SPN and PGN of your vehicle and configure it to the device, the parsing should be done from the server according to the Manual.


FMB640 Manual CAN IO - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

FMC640 LVCAN I/O,FMS IO and Tachograph data elements - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

In any case you need additional support for this, kindly contact your sales manager or create an HD ticket.

Best Regards
Maynard C

Thank you for reply, but I had no difficulty configuring the FMS IO or Manual CAN IO section.

My problem is with the fuel consumption data, I don’t know if it is actually available on this vehicle. The information I find on the Wiki is that for this vehicle (Volvo) I need to use J1708, but I have no data on that bus.

In searched at google an electrical diagram from the manufacturer, there is an FMS Gateway, even on this Volvo FH model. But there is no such Gateway in these vehicles.

If anyone has a better idea or another diagram suggestion, maybe some PGN values to test, the electrical connection made was:

CAN1H → Yellow from VOLVO VECU/PC Connector pin 4
CAN1L → Green from VOLVO VECU/PC Connector pin 5

J1708H RJ9 → Gray from VOLVO VECU/PC Connector pin 2
J1708L RJ9 → Orange from VOLVO VECU/PC Connector pin 1

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