FMB640 - disruptions on the CAN - MAN TG3

Hi, I have FMB640 on my trucks, MAN TG3 2023
I have some strange problems with my truck when the fbm640 is connected to the vehicle (sometimes I can’t open windows, can’t start engine, the lights are flashing, some errors pop up on the car screen, … ) when I unplug the FMB640 everything starts working normal immediately !
On older truck MAN TGX 2018 exactly the same device FMB640 works just fine !
Should I change some settings in FMB640 ? or maybe I should use LV-CAN200 adapter or ECAN01 ? Maybe you have any other suggestions ??


Good day, please kindly check the wiring of the CAN lines and note that CAN lines should not touch each other. In case the wiring is correct according to the MAN TG3 schemes and the issue still happens kindly contact your sales manager or create an HD ticket to investigate the issue.

Best Regards
Maynard C