Fmb130 TAG READER not starting car

I installed the fmb130 unit with a tag reader, but it does not start when the functionality is activated on the system, and the car starts when functionality is deactivated. what am I doing wrong?

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I hope this message finds you well. Kindly follow the steps below for the Immobilizer scenario.

How the Immobilizer Works with Teltonika FMB130

  1. Device Installation:

    • The Teltonika FMB130 GPS tracker is installed in the vehicle.
    • A relay is connected to the vehicle’s fuel pump, starter circuit, or brake pedal and wired to the FMB130’s digital output (DOUT).
  2. Configure DIN as Ignition Source:

    • It is crucial to configure one of the digital inputs (DIN) on the FMB130 as the ignition source using the Teltonika Configurator software.
    • This ensures that the immobilizer functionality works correctly by detecting when the vehicle is started.
  3. Authorization Devices:

    • 1-Wire iButton
    • 1-Wire RFID
    • Beacon
  4. Configuration:

    • The FMB130 is configured to recognize authorized iButton keys, RFID tags, or Beacon devices using the Teltonika Configurator software.
    • Digital outputs (DOUT) on the FMB130 are set to control the relay.
  5. Immobilizer Activation:

    • When the vehicle is started, the FMB130 checks for the presence of an authorized iButton, RFID tag, or Beacon device.
    • If no authorized device is detected, the FMB130 activates the relay via the digital output, interrupting the fuel pump, starter circuit, or brake pedal and preventing the vehicle from starting or running.
  6. Immobilizer Deactivation:

    • Upon detecting an authorized iButton, RFID tag, or Beacon device, the FMB130 deactivates the relay, allowing the vehicle to start and operate normally.
  7. Remote Control (Optional):

    • If configured, the FMB130 can receive remote commands via SMS or GPRS to activate or deactivate the immobilizer, providing additional security and control.

For detailed instructions and visual guidance, please refer to the following resources:

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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