FMB 140 not sending the fuel datas online

Hello everyone,
i have install FMB 140 Trackers on an 2 IVECO trucks. i have fuel datas by the conection on the configurator. But the tracker don’t sendind can datas online.
Can you help me please ?!
Thank you.

Please make sure that you have correctly activated sending the expected parameters to the server in the device configuration.

Best regards

Hello Adam,
thank you for your answer. we already did it. in the past we used an sms commande to make the datas appears online. i forgot that sms command. Please help with that.
Thank you.

Hi Habib,

For sending SMS command you need to follow the instructions on this link: FMB SMS/GPRS Commands - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

SMS command structure:

<SMS login><space><SMS password><space><command><space><value>

For changing the priority you need to have the parameter ID it is available from the configurator just move the mouse to the parameter and automatically the parameter ID will appear like the screenshot below.

for example:
user user setparam 45160:1

or double space before the command if you don’t configure the userid and password for the SMS command


setparam 45160:1

Please visit this link for the parameter list: FMB140 Parameter list - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

Best Regards
Maynard C

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