FM1110 configurator

I have FM1110 model which is fitted on an older vehicle.

Does anyone have FM1110 configurator, I want to change and configure it to another SIM and server settings.

I did search but can’t find a configurator or any working links.

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Unfortunately Teltonika will not help you as you didn’t bought it direct from a Teltonika Representative. I am in a similar situation with 2 x FMB920 with a firmware that is not supported by any version of Configurator (it should but it isn’t). Teltonika will not respond to your tickets (usualy takes a month to receive a blunt email…)


Do you need to be Teltonika Representative/supplier of their devices to be able to do configuration of devices?

Hi Adi,

Good day, FM1110 is already EOL.

To learn more about the EOL products of teltonika telematics please find the link below:

EOL Products (

Please find the links below to download the firmware/configurator/firmware updater
FM11.Ver…01.26.01.Rev.99 and configurator.7z (2.4 MB)
Firmware_Updater_v1. (435.7 KB)

Maynard C.

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