Eye Senor and eye beacon

i’ve the new firmware update from teltonika so now i can get temperature, humidity, magnet, pitch, roll movement from eye sensor
now i want to know if i can get the following events, near, far and lost
wich is the avld where i get this values can be at both at eye sensor or eye beacon

pitch and roll how it works i cant understand very well the functionality

with eye beacon if i get near at fmc920 teltonika device i get the id and i can use for example at employee transport? if there is 2 gps near its gonna be registered at two gps or i have to register the id at gps first


Good day, Thank you for contacting Teltonika Telematics!

  • When EYE beacon RSSI level is below the first configured threshold, the beacon will be added to Near Beacon Record (AVL ID: 10828)
  • When EYE BEACON RSSI level is between the second and first configured threshold, beacon is added to Away Beacon record (AVL ID: 10829)
  • When EYE Beacon RSSI level is lower than the second configured threshold, beacon is added to Lost Beacon record (AVL ID: 10831). In the case of EYE Beacon disappearing from the environment and not being detected by the FM tracker anymore, the beacon will be added to Lost Beacon record and will be removed from Beacon list.

Please read the link below to get more information on AVL ID’s of Eye Beacon.

EYE BEACON / BTSID1 - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS.

Please see the screenshot below, this how you can set the Ble Proximity parameters from Beacon List option.

Pitch and Role feature give us the angle on which eye sensor is rotating. Please see the link below in the video you will get the information how both parameters are calculated.



Ashutosh S.

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so near and lost events only works with eye beacon or also with eye sensor

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