Exiting Deep sleep mode

hi is there a way of exiting from deep sleep on a time period at all? lets say i want the device to report in every 2 hours after it is in sleep mode

Hi Nick,

Good day, Deep Sleep will wake up and send a record according to your data acquisition settings.

Only the Ultra Deep sleep mode will not wake up and send records to your server the only way to wake up the device is through ignition or movement detection.

Reference: FMC130 Sleep modes - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (teltonika-gps.com)

Maynard C

i suppose i could use an automotive relay plugged into Din2 and use that to force 12v into the ignition (yellow) wire of the device, making it think that the ignition is on… Bit of a fudge though. this would get it to wake up on door open.
But then i need a timer event, the issue being on our software if the device doesnt ping in for 2 hrs it falls of the map, hence why we need it to wake up on a timed event…

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