Dynamic Load Balancing

I’m trying to use the same energy meter for solar inverter and EV charger, but only inverter can communicate with meter. EM is Acrel DTSD1352 (comm parameters set according to TeltoCharge manual: 1 9600 N 1) EV charger is EVC1110P1000 fw v1.8.11. Oscillograph metering shows presence of Modbus communication signal at charger communication terminals.

Good day,
We have a list of enegy meters which works with TeltoCharge, Acrel meters are not in the list, that means communication between meter ar charger won’t work.

Here the list of meters we support: Dynamic Load Balancing - Wiki

I’m also using the same Arcel DTSD1352 energy meter with my Solar Inverter and would love to be able to use the same meter for TeltoCharge also.

Are you planning to support this EM in the future?

at the moment we are not planing to implement such EM.