DualCam Connection and Configuration

Hello Team.

I had completed all the task of Dualcam with FMC125. Receiving suggestion at this platform helps me to configure Dualcam with FMC125 properly.

Now i am stuck at Dualcam Connection. At wiki Teltonika i had found two types of connection for DualCam.

  1. with ignition source. 2) with FMC125 DIGITALOUT

Now my question is that i want the camera on when ignition is ON and when ignition is off so i will sent the SMS/GPRs command for Dout that will power up the camera. How is it possible to connect the camera like this and what other configuration settings i need to change in the Configurator

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Option 1
To make sure that the camera is always ON kindly connect the power of the DUALCAM to the same power as the device, the power source should be directly connected to the vehicle battery.
But this will drain the battery of the vehicle.

To save the battery you need to connect the camera to the ignition cable of the vehicle so that when the ignition is ON the camera will start working and when the ignition is OFF the camera will also Turn Off.

Option 2.
Using a Relay to Control the Camera Power.
If you don’t want the setup above because if the ignition is off the camera will not work in this case you can use a Relay and DOUT to control the camera power remotely by sending setdigout command: FMB setdigout - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (teltonika-gps.com)

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If i use the option # 2 as you suggested so it will only record the video and capture the snap, when we sent the DOUT command. otherwise it will remain OFF all the time.

My concern is that i want the camera ON when ignition is ON, and it will also power ON the camera on my request (when ignition is OFF). Due to this it will record all the time when ignition is ON and when ignition is OFF (when parked) so i can use the DOUT command.

can you please guide me in this regard. what would be the configuration and wiring.

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Hi Usman,

Good day, please find the schematic diagram below and test and let me know the results

Note: When the ignition is ON the device will turn ON and when the Ignition is OFF you can send SMS command to Control the DOUT to turn ON the camera.

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Maynard C.

Hello Team,

This will not work as per my concern. The relay wiring is seems that when ignition is off so the camera is directly connected to the battery supply (PIN # 30 and PIN # 87a are internally connected without relay energized) so when ignition is off , camera will consume all the power from battery.

Below I had attached the wiring diagram. where you see i attached two relays

Relay # 1 is use by DOUT command, when ignition is off it will power On the camera on request
Relay # 2 is use by Ignition. it will Power ON the camera only when ignition start

in both cases the camera will not consume the battery power

you can verify the schematic diagram by your wiring expert.

hello team.

My FMC125 Dualcam is working properly but sometime the Dualcam wont get connected with the microSD card so the video request wont get fulfill. I had checked in I/O elements the front and rear camera status shows 1 instead of 3. Although the microSD card working properly and sometime the microSD card gets connected automatically.
I had formatted the SD card with FAT32 as mentioned in Wiki

I am using the latest configurator version and Firmware for this.

how could i rectify this issue ?

Hello Usman,

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