DOUT Activation in a zone

I have a client that would like to restrict the PTO usage to within approved zones. This can be controlled by an output activating within a zone defined on the device.

Some of the client queries are:

  • The trucks need to only be able to activate the PTO in certain zones.
    • He would like to setup the truck deliveries for the day and send the zones to the device daily.
      • Is there another way of updating the zones on the device other than via a configuration file on FOTA. He would like to manage this from his in-house application understanding that there may need development.
      • His depots would be static zones on the device but would have client zones that need to be removed and added when needed?

Please can you help point me in the right direction.


Good day, Thank you for contacting Teltonika Telematics!

There are two option available with our devices, you can create Manual Geofences over your approved zones. You will be getting alerts whenever device enter/exit those zones. You can mentioned the Overspeed limit in the specified zone and that speed limit can trigger/control the Digital Output if set from features options.

Second, you can enable Auto geofence option, it will create a automatic geofence of the mentioned radius over your parked vehicle location.

Please use the link below to setup geofences and Digout control using speed limit feature.

You can develop a third party application that allow you to create daily geofences from your own portal and from device end if you need to create geofence, have to do it via configuration file update using FOTA only.


Ashutosh S.

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