Dfm 100ccan- fmb641

I am trying to connect DFM100 CCAN (Fuel flow meter) to FMB641 but we can not make the connection through CAN connectors of FMB641.
I don’t know if it is related to Can ID or Data Mask data.

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I recommend you connect the Output of the DFM100 CCAN to the FMB641 CAN Lines (CAN1H - PIN 12 and CAN1L - PIN 2). see the screenshot below for more information.


Additionally, on the Configuration end, kindly try to use the FMB641 Manual CAN and specify the CAN ID where the sensor would provide the fuel values and check all values on the Data Mask to receive the whole data. For more information about Manual CAN, you may refer to this link: FMB641 Manual CAN IO - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

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