Delimiter mode , only works in one way

Hi , Have a good day .
Im setting the FMC125 gps in delimiter serial mode.
I can send the serial info to the server , everything is okay in this way.
But when I try to send an answer to the serial port I cant see the info in the serial port , however the gps responds one aknoledge message .

Message sent from server

#DO DAT=Hola Serial …

Ack message received from GPS:

But the message : “Hola Serial …” is not seen in the serial port.

What could I have to do to get the answer in the serial port gps ?

Thanks a lot.


Good day, delimiter mode will not work with that kindly use TCP link mode for this case: FMC125 Testing RS-232 and RS-485 TCP link mode - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS.

Maynard C.

Hi , thanks for your answer .

Im using delimeter mode beacuse sends to the server the latitude , longituge and timestamp including the serial information , so I can know where and when one event happened in an external device (people counter), connected to the gps using the serial port.
When I received this info , I need to send to the counter, from the server, a received message and other kinds of messages like settings , but as I explained with delimiter mode the serial info coming from the server is not got it .

How can add to TCP link mode the coords or How can send serial info from server using delimiter mode ?


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