Data sent to AVL server incomplete?

Hello, I am connecting a FMC130 to All good, but I failed to setup driver identification. What I found was that in the data received by the server from the tracker (in Object properties - Info) I cannot find the ID 78 that is the iButton identification bytes. Is that something that the server should “ask” from the tracker (and by not “asking” my problem is a server configuration issue), or should the tracker send all the data available to it to the server and the end app uses what it needs? The protocol is setup to Extended8. I am new to the subject, so I ask for understanding if I do not explain it properly.

Later edit: It was the Teltonika device that had to be configured. In the I/O tab there are all the i/o that can transmit data (with different priority setting). If the priority is set up to “None” the data will not pe sent. Also, in the gps-server configuration, the iButton data has to be assigned as “sensor data”. Sensor data is data coming from the sensors connected to the Teltronika device. So Kl15, fuel level, DriverID are all different type of “sensor data” that has to be configured in the Sensors tab. I hope this will help someone.

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Indeed, for the device to send the data from the iButton reader, it is necessary to set a priority other than “None” in the I/O tab. For example, if you set the priority to “low”, the device makes an additional record with an indication that the event was caused by an I/O element change (depending on Operands configuration)). On the other hand, if you set the priority to “High” or “Panic”, a record with the AVL ID 78 will be sent immediately.

In the following link, you will find details on how to configure the iButton reader with Teltonika FMx devices.
1-Wire iButton Reader - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Additionally, in this other link, you can find detailed information on how the I/O configuration and its priority work.

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