Data recovery after GSM/GPRS signal loss

Hello, I have a small question concerning the teltonika beacons, currently the beacons when it loses a mobile / satellite network it records data and as soon as it recovers the network depending on the time between the mmoment it lost the network and the time it recovered the network it will go up the first information then the second etc … until arriving at the last information, I would like to know if it is possible which goes up directly the last information without going through the previous please? (I don’t know if I’ve explained my problem well enough…)

Hi @Jason

Teltonika Beacons or Eye Beacons does not have Mobile connectivity or GPS connectivity, instead it is connected via Bluetooth , records will be sent to FMB device ( FMB120, FMB920 , etc )

Please visit our wiki pages to know more:

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Note: If you are pertaining to the Teltonika tracker , when the device loses network connectivity, it will store all the data in the internal flash memory of the device, there is an option from the configurator to prioritize sending the newest data.
From the Sort By select Newest.

Another option is to send deleterecords and sdformat SMS/GPRS commands to the device to delete all old records that you do not need.

Reference: FMB SMS/GPRS Commands - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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Maynard C.

Hello, this is exactly the information I needed. Thank you for your efficiency and speed. Have nice day !