Configurator for Android

I have just purchased a FMB204 device and I am configuring it using configurator from PC.
Is there any app for android, so that I dont need a PC to configure the device?

Thank you and regards.

Hello @dozius

Thank your for contacting us.

Yes, there is an Android app available for configuring the device. Now, FMB devices setup is easier than ever! The FMBT application features a comprehensive status information window, allowing you to monitor everything of importance without having to open up your laptop. Additionally, you can use the FMBT application to perform quick and simple configuration changes directly from your smartphone.

Please note that the app is intended for basic configuration. For more advanced settings, you will need to use the PC application.

You can find the app at the following link: Teltonika FMBT - Apps on Google Play

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Thank you for your quick response.
Unfortunately I get a message from Google Play Store that this app was made for an older version of android (and installation is prohibited). My phone runs Android 13.
Do you know if there is any plan to update the app for use in newer android versions? It would be really helpful!

Hi @dozius

This app was already EOL, meaning there will be no support for the update in the future.

Reference: EOL Products - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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Maynard C