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I use FMM130 to collect data from various BLE devices. With Codec8, i can transfer three parameters (Battery, Humidity, Temperature) of 4 different BLE-devices.
In configurator Ver. 1.7.30, the data field for “BLE Battery #1” is missing in the I/O panel. So only 11 parameters can be used.

In configurator Ver. 1.7.72, in the Bluetooth 4.0. Panel, the advanced setting for BLE_Connection_#4 is missing. (MAC Address etc.). So only 9 can be used.

Is there a configurator-version, in which both panels work properly, so that all 12 parameters can be used?

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Please try to move the scroll bar down for the config version 1.7.72

Kindly make a test using the firmware 03.29.00.rev.14 if your FMM130 is having a FMM130 with BG95-M3

Download link:

Or if does not work please try to the TCT.
Wiki page: Getting started with TCT desktop application - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS
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