Configuration tool issues macOS

I have recieved my FMC234 + Can Control and have tried to set the unit up today.

I didn’t realise that Teltonika didn’t support Mac OS, and there TCT only comes in windows format. Not owning a windows machine for over a decade and all my work machines and personal are all Mac OS I was forced to try and install a VM to connect to the FMC234.

I downloaded and installed it UTM which is a VM for MacOS, simple to do and got windows up and running.

Got the TCT downloaded and installed, correct version too…

Problem is you can’t get the MacOS to share the USB or Bluetooth with the VM. I have spent all day downloaded and implementing work around, such as terminal filters to redirect the serial bus to the VM and allowing all permission in MacOS to allow this to happen.

To be clear, it was Teltonika through my sales manager that said this could be done, but unless I use a program like Parallels which runs from £99 to £150 per year which might have better pass through built in, it’s a high price to pay to configure one device. (That is per year also).

Wanted to know if anyone else had this issue as I don’t really want to buy a Windows machine as it would be a complete waste of money.

I can see the device connect and is showing in the macOS side, the VM also sees it and asks permissions but then won’t do anything more with it.

Any advice other than go buy a windows pc

Will admit that I naïvely thought this is what the FOTA website was for and would be able to configure the device remotely like my Teltonika RMS via remote connection, silly me.

I’m was also concerned at the lack of Mac support for Teltonika products. A pain in the bum.

But there is great news! The new FTC devices with USB-C ports CAN be configured on an M series mac via Parallels and Arm Windows using the new app Teltonika Configuration Tool (TCT). I just did it successfully. These FTC devices have only just been released.

Unfortunately older devices that use Teltonica Configurator App need drivers will only work on older Intel macs or actual Intel windows machines. More details:

For older non FTC trackers:

  1. If you have an Intel mac, you can run Virtual machines and configure the devices. I did this just fine before I upgrade to an M series ARM mac. (I think I used to use VMWare rather than parallels)
  2. If you have a Apple M1, M2, M3 etc mac, you can use Parallels to install an ARM version of Windows, and run the Teltonica Configurator in the Windows intel emulation layer, BUT the USB drivers won’t work. They can be installed, but just won’t work, devices will never show up.

So for older non FTC devices we are out of luck until:

  • They make a proper mac compatible version of their configuration tools.
  • They make Windows ARM compatible drivers.
    I had to find an old windows laptop just so I can configure these devices.

Other notes:

  • In theory you should be able to configure some of the devices via bluetooth from windows. I haven’t been able to get this working either.

Here’s what it looks like configuring a device with the new TCT app on an M2 MacBook Pro:

Thanks for the reply, at least I know I wasn’t doing something stupid not being able to get it to work.

I don’t really want to pay for premium version of Parallels just to configure the device and then have to gain access to it everytime with USB as Bluetooth isn’t going to work.

For a company that bang on about innovation they have fallen behind on macOS support for devices.

Looks like I will have to purchase a virus machine oh I mean windows machine so that I can configure it lol

How about a raspberry pi 5? Could leave this permanently connected to tracking device and connect to it via Wi-Fi that is in the vehicle, possibly completely unnecessary, but I could do it. Just thinking how simple the task is it might be pointless full blown window machine however saying that the raspberry pies are no longer cheap. Lol just thinking out loud.